When Sending Flowers

By Mel Bush
on January 20, 2015

When I started as a florist 25 years ago the was no internet to tempt you, if you wanted flowers for a gift you would pop along to your local florist and trusted them to make you a beautiful bouquet, or send flowers via relay service from one florist to another. Today things are so different now with the internet overloaded with what we call in the trade "order gatherers" although most of these have absolutely no flowers in stock and have little product knowledge too, they just gather your order and collect money. Sometimes the flowers will be sent by a factory outlet and delivered by post or courier, and most of the time the flowers are of poor quality and have poorly survived the postal journey.  

An example of what they can see advertised as to what they actually get. 


As a skilled and experienced florist sending flowers to me is much more about the quality of the flowers and the actual design. Also taking into consideration, the flowers should also be selected for the emotion and the occasion,  and of course the personal gesture. 

So on that note if you want to send flowers you will get a far better service supporting your local independent bricks and mortar florist. Any reputable florist will be happy and able to give you advise on stock availability on seasonal flowers and beautiful designs for your occasion. 

If you have never used a florist before - give them a call first- if they know nothing about flowers

Then they are not a real florist. 

Christmas orders

By Mel Bush
on December 14, 2014

All of our Pre-Ordered Christmas flower arrangements will start making their way to you. Our shop is literally bursting with festive foliage and flowers and all hands are on  deck to make sure all of our orders are sent as soon as possible! If you've pre-ordered Christmas flowers from us they should start arriving from tomorrow, but if not just be patient as we have a fair amount of orders to get through!.

Its still not to late to order your flowers for christmas you can order online or in our shop.  01702555637 



The Christmas Wreath

By Mel Bush
on December 06, 2014

While we all get together and celebrate the Christmas season ,and hang up all the decorations, fresh flowers and berries around our homes. We ask how did this come about. So here is a christmas note about what your door wreath represents. 

The Traditional Christmas decoration is often hung on front doors or walls, and has several religious associations. The evergreens symbolise growth and everlasting life,

while holly represents "Jesus" Crown of Thorns, it's tiny red berries his blood the circular shape stands for no end and no beginning - the circle of life. 


          Tree preparations. 4 points on how to keep a fresh tree.

  • Make sure your Tree is as fresh as possible, check by running your fingers     along the lower branches. the needles shouldn't fall off. 
  • If you are not going to put your tree up immediately, place in a bucket of water.
  • When ready to decorate, cut a inch of the trunk to allow pores to open and absorb water.
  • Position the tree away from heat sources like radiators which will dry it out.
  • Decorate te and enjoy.    Merry Christmas to you all 


Christmas Represents

By Mel Bush
on November 25, 2014

Christmas festivities is a long standing tradition and many flowers have come to represent the true spirit and meaning of this special time of the year. Christmas flowers have their origins deeply embedded with many symbolic aspects of Christmas and feature in numerous legends as well as being significant in biblical recounts of events.

While some meanings have evolved over time, most traditions of decorating the home with evergreen plants, garlands and wreaths are symbolically associated with religious beliefs in everlasting life as they produce leaves all year round with some even producing blooms at Christmas time. It is also traditional to give certain flowers as gifts during Christmas.

There are numerous Christmas evergreens including the following:

Christmas Trees such as Pines and Spruce
Holly and Ivy
Christmas Cactus

Christmas TreeFestive Flowers - Christmas Tree
Germans in the 7th Century first conceived the idea of a Christmas tree.

Poinsettia Festive Flowers - Poinsettia
These gorgeous shrub produces deep red, star shaped flowers once a year over the Christmas festival.

Christmas Rose Festive Flowers - Christmas Rose
The Christmas Rose, also referred to as the Snow or Winter Rose is a winter blooming rose and is a European evergreen, more formally konwn as Hellebores.

Mistletoe Festive Flowers - Mistletoe
The tradition of the Christmas Mistletoe dates back to ancient history and is practiced in many cultures.

Holly Basket Festive Flowers - Holly
Today holly is frequently used to create wreaths for hanging on the front door during the festive season. The ring shape of the wreath symbolises eternity.



 Merry Christmas to one and all.

 Mel and team at petite fleur 






Results from this weeks demonstration.

By Mel Bush
on November 10, 2014

Take a look at the designs I recently made. Tickets sold out and we helped raise money for the church. So it was a very good afternoon. We Raffled the flowers for the ladies to take home.

Why we are different

By Mel Bush
on November 10, 2014


The majority of our flowers are sourced from local producers. Whether from Cornwall, London, Holland it allows us here at Petite Fleur Florist to provide you with authentic flowers and plants from the experts at very reasonable prices.


Our qualified florists are helping out in our shop and behind the scenes to provide all our customers a with perfect quick efficient service daily.


Here at Petite Fleur Florist we focus on keeping our selection of flowers simple and of good quality. Stocking a range of varieties so we can create beautiful bouquets for you. 


Demonstration Autumn & Christmas

By Mel Bush
on October 30, 2014

Demonstration by Melanie from your local Benfleet florist.


Come along and join us at the Hadleigh church for a Autumn & Christmas flower decoration demo. Using fresh flowers and unusual containers.

For your chance to take home one of the designs enter the raffle and you could win.

All proceeds go to the church.


Doors Open 2.30pm 

With Refreshments 


Opening in November new in-store flower workshops

By Mel Bush
on October 24, 2014

Welcome to our page. We are very excited and happy to announce we have been making changes to our lovely shop. So we can embrace the community and offer our in-store floral fun workshops. The idea is that the shop will be open for business while we teach groups of ladies or even men to a fun 2 hour class of flower arranging with a difference.

While the shop is open people can pop in to browse or take the opportunity and book a class for
you and a friend. Or see our florists making flower designs,while you purchase your own special bouquet to be delivered or collected while you wait.

Each class will have a different design each week so no two are the same .We will
use seasonal flowers, from British growers and our European suppliers.  

So look out for our dates and times of our November Christmas workshops.

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