Wedding season 2018/ 2019

By Mel Bush
on August 10, 2017

Hi everyone,

I thought it was time to send a message to all. Since my last blog we have been helping brides discover there true dreams in creating a beautiful floral displays and bridal flowers. These are a few of my favourites. Vintage to natural seems to be the most popular with us at the mo but we find all enquires have a variety of choice and when we get together all the ideas come flooding in. I am now preparing for the winter brides who have ordered there flowers so exciting !!!. 






Wedding Fever

By Mel Bush
on August 17, 2016

Hello people this time of year has for us been a busy one. We have had a few new brides come through the door to arrange there special day wedding flowers with us. We have found that most brides today have a much better idea of what they are looking for, in terms of colour design and realistic budgets. We also have noticed the brides supplying a lot more of there extra accessories to tie in with the theme. Maybe its due to instagram, or pinterest where there is a lot of ideas and ways to help brides choose what they would like.

But as a florist we know that we can fulfill the needs of the bride and with all our experience in this work we can create the dream bouquet. There are a lot of so called florist that have tried to do what we do but unless you have a basic and trained eye and of course qualifications,then be careful who you choose. 

Take a look at our pictures and if you just need advise then call us Always here at the shop to help. 


Why we are different

By Mel Bush
on November 10, 2014


The majority of our flowers are sourced from local producers. Whether from Cornwall, London, Holland it allows us here at Petite Fleur Florist to provide you with authentic flowers and plants from the experts at very reasonable prices.


Our qualified florists are helping out in our shop and behind the scenes to provide all our customers a with perfect quick efficient service daily.


Here at Petite Fleur Florist we focus on keeping our selection of flowers simple and of good quality. Stocking a range of varieties so we can create beautiful bouquets for you. 


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