When it comes to making a wreath, you can choose a circle shape or an swag shape. Each are different but put together in a similar way. Firstly attaching bundles of fresh picked material spruce pine or fresh cut holly together as you use a continuous technique by wiring them individually to the ring. 

Wreathing tools

Double wire frame and a good sphagnum moss-holds its water well and keeps moist for your foliage. The rings can be 12 inch or 14 inch depending on the finished size. Twine or moss wire help to secure your design, along with good cutting floral "snips"  

As always figure out the ingredients you want to highlight to get the most from your door wreath and choose the frame that works best or you size and style. I find that lots of variation on the foliages give a good base for all your special extras, to add the sparkle and scent, if you use dried fruits and cinnamon sticks. Working with the seasons gives you the best choice of flowers and foliage to use. 

I like the good variegated holly we call in the trade ilex Its long lasting and reminds us of the festive season. Pine is plentiful and available from most florists. join us for our own door wreath workshops here at petite fleur.