When I started as a florist 25 years ago the was no internet to tempt you, if you wanted flowers for a gift you would pop along to your local florist and trusted them to make you a beautiful bouquet, or send flowers via relay service from one florist to another. Today things are so different now with the internet overloaded with what we call in the trade "order gatherers" although most of these have absolutely no flowers in stock and have little product knowledge too, they just gather your order and collect money. Sometimes the flowers will be sent by a factory outlet and delivered by post or courier, and most of the time the flowers are of poor quality and have poorly survived the postal journey.  

An example of what they can see advertised as to what they actually get. 


As a skilled and experienced florist sending flowers to me is much more about the quality of the flowers and the actual design. Also taking into consideration, the flowers should also be selected for the emotion and the occasion,  and of course the personal gesture. 

So on that note if you want to send flowers you will get a far better service supporting your local independent bricks and mortar florist. Any reputable florist will be happy and able to give you advise on stock availability on seasonal flowers and beautiful designs for your occasion. 

If you have never used a florist before - give them a call first- if they know nothing about flowers

Then they are not a real florist.