Christmas festivities is a long standing tradition and many flowers have come to represent the true spirit and meaning of this special time of the year. Christmas flowers have their origins deeply embedded with many symbolic aspects of Christmas and feature in numerous legends as well as being significant in biblical recounts of events.

While some meanings have evolved over time, most traditions of decorating the home with evergreen plants, garlands and wreaths are symbolically associated with religious beliefs in everlasting life as they produce leaves all year round with some even producing blooms at Christmas time. It is also traditional to give certain flowers as gifts during Christmas.

There are numerous Christmas evergreens including the following:

Christmas Trees such as Pines and Spruce
Holly and Ivy
Christmas Cactus

Christmas TreeFestive Flowers - Christmas Tree
Germans in the 7th Century first conceived the idea of a Christmas tree.

Poinsettia Festive Flowers - Poinsettia
These gorgeous shrub produces deep red, star shaped flowers once a year over the Christmas festival.

Christmas Rose Festive Flowers - Christmas Rose
The Christmas Rose, also referred to as the Snow or Winter Rose is a winter blooming rose and is a European evergreen, more formally konwn as Hellebores.

Mistletoe Festive Flowers - Mistletoe
The tradition of the Christmas Mistletoe dates back to ancient history and is practiced in many cultures.

Holly Basket Festive Flowers - Holly
Today holly is frequently used to create wreaths for hanging on the front door during the festive season. The ring shape of the wreath symbolises eternity.



 Merry Christmas to one and all.

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